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la_cossette's Journal


Name: Bronte but people just call me Rune because my name is hard to say.But I don't care what you call me XD
My Hobbies: I'm a cosplayer and go to anime conventions,I also compete in cosplays skits with my group bangbangneko.I also love to make movies and sew costumes or lolita dresses.

poupeegirl fashion brand community

School:. I go to an arts school called VSAA(Vancouver School Of Arts and Academics).
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My favorite clothing style: SWEET LOLITA; it's just so cute and the dresses are so amazing, they make me feel like I'm part of a fairytale,lol. I also like gothic lolita, casual lolita,and erololi. But I also just like to wear anything that pops or isn't ordinary, because being normal is just boring. cutecake Pictures, Images and Photos